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 Post subject: California shooting
PostPosted: Wed Dec 2, '15, 11:28 pm 
Been listening to the news all afternoon regarding a shooting which took place in California this afternoon. According to news I have heard so far, there may be around ten people dead and many others wounded. Last I heard they had not captured the shooter. More news on this later probably as the story unfolds and more details become available.

Prayers for all these victims and their families. ... cid=AARDHP

 Post subject: Re: California shooting
PostPosted: Thu Dec 3, '15, 5:30 pm 
I think we are well beyond the point now of needing to actually do something about this shooting problem that we have. The best place to start would be lifting the Congressional ban on funding actual research about gun violence, which yesterday a group of doctors actually did hours before the shooting took place. ... -research/

You cannot solve a problem very effectively unless you understand it, and for complex problems, the intuitive, simplistic answers are not the right ones. And we are past, well past, the point of needing to do something real and concrete about this. Too many people are dying in America from gun violence - way more than foreign terrorism. Time to do something.

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 Post subject: Re: California shooting
PostPosted: Thu Dec 3, '15, 9:56 pm 
New laws will not solve the problem until you deal with the culture that surrounds it. Violence is not the answer to our problems. Despite the culture of death that expounds on it as a virtue.

 Post subject: Re: California shooting
PostPosted: Sun Dec 6, '15, 7:40 pm 
I read something about President Obama being on TV tonight in a speech possibly related to this latest shooting event or possibly something related to others, etc. I don't know if he will have anything interesting to say on the subject or not, but might be interesting to hear what he does have to say.

Personally, I don't think it all comes down to gun violence. It's a matter of people most of all, I think. If people want to do harm then they are going to use whatever is available to them whether it be a gun or some other weapon, and If they can't find a gun, they will find something else, if they are determined to do so. Somehow the world needs to find a way to change people's hearts instead, but that's a tall, tall, order.

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