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PostPosted: Thu Oct 1, '15, 8:40 pm 
Heard reports on the news awhile ago that there has been a shooting at a College in Oregon. Several people are believed to have been killed. They may have captured the shooter. More details will probably be available later as they find out more about what happened.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 2, '15, 5:37 pm 
I'm really sick of hearing about shooting after shooting, and our leaders to do basically nothing about it. And we seem to have become numb to it and have decided there's little to prevent it, even though we're the only developed country where this regularly happens. We need more support for mental health, get over the social/professional stigma of receiving mental health treatment so people will be more likely to seek it out, and close some of the loopholes in our gun and ammunition laws (no, I am not for outlawing gun/ammunition ownership even though I would be "liberal" on most issues, but I do think these laws need to be examined and reformed quite a bit). Other countries have solved this issue. So can we, and we can start by examining how other countries approach the issue - America could learn a lot from them. It is sad when a satire site like The Onion is more spot-on on this issue than the actual news media. ... y-ha-51444

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