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PostPosted: Fri Jan 31, '14, 1:28 am 
Check out this offer from Microsoft: ... 46829.html

PostPosted: Fri Jan 31, '14, 6:32 am 
I saw that. Doesn't seem like a good deal to me since the library of the PS3 is so vast in comparison.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 31, '14, 12:21 pm 
I haven't seen that ! But that is an interesting feature but for the moment, PSIV and XBOXONE are the same for me : no interest for the moment ! No great games so for the moment no ! Even with this offer ! :D
And more important.. I don't have a PS3 so ! :rofl:
But Like Vistablade said : the PS3 Library is indeed great so this offer isn't very interesting...

PostPosted: Fri Jan 31, '14, 1:37 pm 
I think this is a pretty bad marketing strategy/offer. Who would get rid of their PS3 for the new consoles right now? The PS4 nor XBox One can play PS3 games, and just because it's now 'last-gen' (I guess I have to start calling those consoles last-gen) doesn't mean it's time to ditch it. The passage of time doesn't suddenly make any game not worth playing and the PS3 has a great library now. And they're still going to be releasing new games for it for at least a year or two into the new generation, because they know not everyone is an early adopter and developers/publishers would lose a huge market share if they stop developing games for the PS3 and 360. I don't understand who would do this. Everyone I know who has a PS4 or XBox One (sample size: 2) still uses their predecessors plenty because games for the new consoles are simply lacking right now. The only title that both the people I know who were early adopters both really like was Assassin's Creed 4.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 1, '14, 1:07 am 
I think this deal was made for younger kids that don't have the money to buy a new console themselves. $100 means nothing to older people, but it means a lot to younger kids without jobs. For young people saving up their money for the latest gaming system, it makes the goal that much more attainable. Parting with their PS3 or 360 is an easy way for them to get the last hundred they need.

So what do they get for all of their effort? They get to walk around school (or wherever they hang out) and brag about having the latest gaming system for a week. Then nobody cares anymore.

I know it sounds like stupid logic, but I'm pretty sure that's what they are aiming for here.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 5, '14, 3:25 am 
Actually, this is a great strategy. Trade-in value on a used PS3 at the likes of GameStop here in the U.S.A. is down to the $50 - $80 range. So if someone were wanting to trade in their PS3 towards new stuff anyways this is a great offer,

Now the oddity to this though is, what happens to the PS3's traded in to Microsoft?
Well, there is a very, very, strange rumor that has been circulating about the PS3 in general since last summer. GameStop began doing something unheard of at that time, which was brought to my attention by a GameStop employee. Back then, GameStop began a strange new internal policy of informing their employees to accept trade-ins on PS3's at full trade value regardless of the system's functional condition. All traded-in PS3's are then shipped to GameStop's main warehouse for "reconditioning". Since this policy began it has been noted that the original, launch model, systems are completely absent from GameStop stores. This is significant for two major reasons.
Reason 1: The original models possessed the one-hundred core IBM CPU developed exclusively for Sony for use in the PS3 at an investment cost of one-billion U.S. Dollars.
Reason 2: Well known fact that very shortly after the PS3 was released the U.S. Navy's R&D Department purchased over one hundred PS3's and successfully built an experimental node-based supercomputer from them which they then stated was going too save them thousands of dollars over the cost of simply buying a supercomputer, and gave them expandability since each PS3 was itself configured as a node and all communicated through ethernet networking.

If you put those two bits of info together, it's not at all out of the field of reasoning to assume that either a government or major corporation (like Microsoft) is sapping up all of the PS3's hanging loose in consumer hands for the purpose of building budget super computers.

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